Everyone in marine industry went through the state of trauma caused by the collision of an oil tanker and LPG carrier @ Ennore outer Anchorage on 27th January 2017, which lead to humungous oil spill of 37000 cubic metre in approximately.

Sea water ingress throughout the vessel Engine room made it inevitable that the vessel required to carryout temporary repairs at least for sailing to Dockyard, as advised by IRS.


       To Fabricate and fit Aluminium cover plates on port shell damaged areas.


  1. Erection of scaffolding all around the damage sections of port shell.
  2. Pre-fabricated and fitted Equal “C” Channel, as vertical position on the shell ( flat surface ) in way adjacent to the damaged sections.
  3. Made drills on “C” section inner surface to fix to the shell and made drill/ tap on outer surface to provide bolts to secure the cover plates between “c” sections.
  4. Fixed the “C” Sections on the shell flat surface in way adjacent to the damaged sections and provided rubber gasket between shell and surface of “C” section.
  5. Fixed “C” section at the bottom level to secure/hold the cover plates not to ensure that it did not fall down.
  6. Additional “H” beam fitted at the centre of the damaged area in vertical position for strengthening.
  7. Pre-fabricated Aluminium cover plates lowered with gasket provided on inner face one by one and secured tightening bolts provided on “C” section outer surface.
  8. Plate joints secured with body threaded MS Back strips with rubber gaskets between back strip and cover plates.
  9. Above said repairs were carried out above water line of 10.8 Mtr from Main deck.



This project marked us another feather in the cap of

 Chidambaram Ship care Private Limited and was widely appreciated by the Customer and the IRS !

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