Merchant Ship – Reconditioning

Ship repairs, Merchant ships, Reconditioning:
Cost efficient ship repairs, necessitates Reconditioning / Remanufacturing of Original parts. The reconditioning need may arise due to Expensive OEM parts, Long lead time for OEM parts, Original manufacturer not in business any more, the part is obsolete etc.

Exhaust Valve spindle / Seats re-conditioning:
Over the last 13 years we have been re-stelliting exhaust valve spindle / seats in our workshop. We would have by now completed about 1000 pieces without any major defect. Consistency and repeatability has been achieved by using same consumables,
Men and equipment.

Shafts build up:
We have complete internal facilities to build up worn out SS / MS shaft by TIG welding and machining to size. We also have specialised contractors to carry out Metal spraying , chrome plating of shaft.

Cast Iron welding / metallocking:
We have experience in welding of cast iron cylinder head, pump casings, Miscellaneous parts / housings / drums etc. Similarly our approved contractor Can carry out metal locking of parts that cannot be welded.

We can also reverse engineer and manufacture parts from OEM / broken parts / drawings. We regularly supply gears, hylam parts etc.

Our non-asset based Road network provides you with flexibility, improved service levels, accelerated delivery, reduced direct and indirect costs and much less complexity. Integrated Road networks, covering the world.

Safe & Secure

You benefit from our experience in delivering effective solutions to complex ship repairs
under various biggest shipping corporations.

Fast Delivery

You benefit a swift service attendance and fast delivery of repaired parts from our end,
as we located inside the Port, which makes us to access your vessels in a
fraction of minutes.

24/7 Support

Our tireless commitment and outstanding support throughout 24 /7 in turns become a
tier I ship repairer in all Indian Ports!

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