We have been representing SMAG, Germany, the world leader in manufacturing Grabs for use ashore / on board over a decade. As a service partner, we install new grabs on ships / on board along the entire Indian coast and nearby countries too. We carry out trouble shooting grab problems, repair damages to the structural steel, Hydraulic cylinder seal changes, hydraulic pump overhauls, control block trouble shooting etc. We have developed test rigs for testing the overhauled control blocks too. Our engineers and technicians are trained at SMAG works in Germany and they are readily available on call all over the world.


In addition to the above, we have a joint venture company with SMAG in India, viz SMAG Peiner Grabs (India) Pvt Ltd to market and sell the grabs to Indian ship owners and shore industries / Ports etc. This company was started in 2006.

Website: www.smag.de

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